Friday, October 2, 2015

Farmhouse Style Pumpkins

Every year I make at least a couple of dozen chenille pumpkins and sell out fairly quickly between my shop, Esty, and The Vintage Marketplace. This year just prior to preparing for The Vintage Marketplace, one of my dear friends Erika Dunbar Friend of RustyNChippysVintageBoutique
introduced me to a fabulous show, I'm sure you've heard of it? "Fixer Upper" on HGTV. This style is not only HOT right now but, gorgeous and I'm sure will be around for quite some time. It's both rustic and vintage and appeals to a large audience. Where both men and women are enjoying decorating their home together. Here are a few of my standby's made out of chenille.

Most of them have added vintage or antique doilies and a piece of jewelry but, some were just left plain. As the years have passed it seems a "less is more" approach is best on most things that I do.

Here are a few of made out of a black linen with raised embroidery, added jewelry and handmade roses.
Although the very first pumpkins I ever made were out of sweaters, it's only this year that I've come back full circle to not only sweater but, some gorgeous feed sack's that I found while on the Longest Yard Sale with my sisters in August. 

The colors were amazing and because I just love an eclectic mix when I'm doing a vignette of anything, I was inspired to add navy and white ticking for a little variety. One of the feed sack's had navy and mustard on it so, when I saw a lovely yellow and navy plaid flannel at the local GW, I grabbed it. I could only salvage one pumpkin out of the size med flannel but, it makes a perfect contrast to rest of them!

The painted pumpkin belongs to me and just seems to work great for pictures no matter what I put it with. I used "Shutter Grey" by Miss Mustard Seed line of milk paint. Added an old key and a cabinet knob for a stem. This year's pumpkins will be available on Etsy over the next few days! Thank you for stopping by and Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall 2015 at The Vintage Marketplace

I've been setting up at the Springfield Extravaganza in Ohio in May and Sept. for so long that it was before even had a name. It's a great show with some of the most talented vendors in the nation. Over 2200 dealers and over 40,000 in attendance. In particular Fall Flea Markets are the most beautiful in presentation. The colors are so rich and it just feels like HOME!
I found a great antique Agricultural Book at an Estate sale a while back and there were tons of these old illustrations in it. Cows, Sheep, Horses, Chickens, Goats, and even some botanicals. I'll be framing them for years!

I built this little cupboard out of some architectural salvage. Mostly beadboard and added a few new pine boards from Lowes. I think it would be great for canned goods. The inside is painted too but, I didn't get a picture. Oops!

I found a field near my house that had this awesome wheat grass everywhere so, of course I filled up every water pail I had. Funny thing was I only took it for a booth "prop" and don't you know that I must have had 100 people ask to buy it? You can't see it very well but, I covered the old farmhouse chair in a red striped grainsack to go with the chest. It didn't sell but, will make a great window display at the shop!

This little Farmhouse chest went pretty quickly. It's just a great size and so many drawers! It's painted out in a combination of Schloss and Trophy by milk paint and I just love the warm grey! There's few of my handmade pumpkins in the basket. I almost sold all 20 that I took. the rest will go in the shop and on Etsy over the next few days.
I just love making them and will be finishing some more this week. I have some beautiful denim fabric with embroidered tan ribbon and some old feedsack's that I'll be adding to the Junque Chic collection. 

This little Empire chest is still avilable at the shop and is painted out in Trophy by milk paint with a little silver rubbed on the hardware. This was in our bedroom painted white until about a week before the show Lol! There was another set of drawers over this set but, I just couldn't get it repaired right. It worked out great though. The little red piece pictured above was missing a top and although I had to cut it down a bit, was a perfect solution

This little Farmhouse chest didn't make it back either but, went home with a darling young couple expecting a baby boy. They were going to add a changing tray on top. How sweet! Would you check out that incredible lampshade I found on the "Longest Yard Sale" back in August? It might have to make it's way to my house...Well enough for today. There's more pictures and now I have to restore the shop to order! Whew! That's going to be a job! I know will be hard at work today at their shop too. Stop by and see our mess Lol!

Friday, August 14, 2015

In the Quiet Zone!

This is that time of year when you will hardly hear from me.  Twice annually Junque Chic sets up at the Springfield Extravaganza and to say preparation for it is nothing short of choreographing a Super Bowl half time show is an under statement. Every Show I learn a little more and want to do a little more than the one before. There are those that just kinda of "wing" it and at the last minute just throw everything on the truck and go and that really seems to work for them, In fact it seems that those that do, on average have better sales from what I've seen. For myself, I have to plan. From plants, to handmade items to fabulous pieces. I just have to plan.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Coastal Cottage Waterfall

I've been looking for this Waterfall chest of drawers for about a year. Why this one in particular? I had another Waterfall very similar to this one last summer. Not only did it sell in 5 days over the phone but, I've had numerous requests to reproduce this. Most Waterfalls are very geometric in style and don't have as much detail as the earlier pieces so, there's not that many out there. I located this on Craigslist and as usual for a Waterfall the veneer was in horrible condition! One side came off completely with one good tug! Lol! There was a little more scraping on the rest but, as veneer goes (usually a job for sure) it only took about an hour to get the rest off. I chose to repair the veneer on the drawers because it wasn't that hard and I loved the angles and thought the wood grain would show through nicely underneath the MMS Milk Paint I had planned in eulalie's sky. So here's what it looked like when it was delivered (yep I said I had a Craigslist delivery and that's another story and post!) and the veneer looks in tact huh?

Never judge a book by it's cover. Literally here, that's all you can see. But, what I COULD see regardless of the veneer is the detail across the middle with the serpentine drawer and fluted fan above it. Not to mention those gorgeous chunky feet adorned with the same fluting and fans. This is what makes a piece fabulous when painted. It brings to life all the detail. In fact this one almost got away and I was offered another. As you can see it's just plain in comparison to the one I purchased. There is a small band across the middle but, all geometric and really nothing else.

I chose to replace the hardware because it seemed plain in comparison to how I wanted the piece to present. I also decided to do the drawers in Linen MMS Milk paint so it wasn't identical to the one from last summer (I actually ran out of eulalie's sky lol!)

See how much prettier this hardware is? I think it changed the whole piece. I only slightly distressed it because I didn't want it to take a way from the detail. I do think a bit more wouldn't have hurt anything but, for now I'm happy with the results!

See how you notice the detail on the feet so much more? I actually didn't even notice the little scallop across the bottom myself until it was painted. 


See the variation in color as I got to the bottom of the jar? That's one of the reasons I love Milk paint, you never know what it's gong to do with each piece. A happy accident in a way. I hope you enjoyed seeing how this Waterfall came to life.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My favorite Farmhouse style

I know, I know, it's been months since I've blogged. Since I've taken on my little shop, time just seems to slip away before you know it but here goes. This is my absolute favorite Farmhouse blog. In fact if you check on my sidebar, you'll find it there. has a way of bringing "Primitive" and "Shabby" together like no one else I've seen! Since I came from a background of Primitives AND I've loved and used Shabby for almost twenty years, this is just perfect to me. In fact I'm in the process of gathering up any and all "farmhouse" I can find for my own house and will be implementing it to change over my style indefinitely. Megan and her husband have been restoring an old farmhouse in Pennsylvania and although there are many rooms and projects on her blog I particularly wanted to share what they've done to their back porch.

The colors are no less than amazing. I've been using shades of white at my house for the Shabby look and here she's used shades of taupes and greys for her farmhouse style. There's still the staple white background but, the colors are just a little richer and in turn I think show off the rich wood tones.              

Simple benches and a great farmhouse table ready for guest at a moments notice or dinner with your family.

There's hardly anything in this home that wasn't purchased at a yard sale or thrift store. Of course she puts her magic touch to it with some painting and distressing but, not anything that any of you can't do. In fact I see a simple project right away here. See the little shelf next to the door? I see them all the time at Goodwill for a few bucks. Give it a coat of paint, add some hooks and you're set!

I actually happen to have this exact chandelier. At the moment it's covered in moss and hanging on MY back porch as a "garden" channy but, will soon be coming down and getting a little makeover. I'll use milk paint for sure. It will just take some time before a bit of rust starts to show.

I love the way they placed the stone around the bottom. Beats lattice work for sure and how original!

The stair case is simple but not plain. The stairs are grey and the handrail is "chippy" white and yes that is a word in my field anyway Lol! The grey almost seems to have a blueish green cast to it that lends itself perfectly to the outdoors. How about that landing? Looks to be maybe 9 stones and seems like it always been there!

You don't even notice that the benches are different from one another but, with paint it all goes so well. An old galvanized pan and picnic screen on the table with a sweet little pitcher finish off the ticking table cloth in cream and almond to a "T"! If you're trying to get this style you don't need to look far or spend much. I'm just going to start painting what I have AND maybe a little stripping down to bare wood to get this look. Most of us already have what we need to do have the farmhouse style. we just need a little paint and sandpaper to bring it to fruition. Make sure you wax to protect your pieces and if you're trying to keep an original paint job in tact , just brush a clear coat of poly over it and you're good to go!

Monday, February 16, 2015

French Chairs

This is one of a pair of French chairs I found about a month ago. I didn't wait long before I tore into them. I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I purchased them.
I gave them a couple of coats of a French Grey, distressed them, waxed and a little darker grey glaze. I used a drop cloth from Home Depot for the fabric Cost about $10. Whenever I use a drop cloth for upholstery I wash it and then run it through the rinse cycle 3-4 times with liquid fabric softener. This breaks down the stiffness and leaves a little bit of a coating or barrier.against dirt. For stains I would fabric protector on any newly upholstered piece.  I used to tape off a few lines and then using a navy blue fabric paint,  made a grainsack stripe down the center. After that I used chalk paint in black and a grainsack stencil I had for this fabulous result. 

Needed a Fresh Perspective!

I have a rule. If it hasn't sold in 4 months (the listing time frame for Etsy) I re-paint it. This piece was really not bad in the CoCo chalk paint but, I have that rule for a reason. If it hasn't sold, well it isn't appealing to the masses and maybe it will now. So here's the before.
 Now here's the after.
Although I might still do a black glaze over this, I think it's much more French Country Farmhouse than before. Anything else I have painted in this Tiffany Blue  actually Kitchen Scale and Linen Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint has flew out the door. Only a couple of shades lighter is Eulalies Sky from MMS's line and THIS piece sold over the phone within 48 hours from 50 miles away until she could pick it up for fear that it would sell before she got in town!
Another piece that I painted (this was a custom mix because I was out of Eulalies Sky) wasn't at the shop long either!
As you can see it's a little more on the blue side but, still close to the turquoise or Tiffany blue like Eulalies Sky and Kitchen Scale. This is milk paint as well. I absolutely love working with milk paint. It a great way to get a painted piece to look more authentic. This works out well for me because recently I have decided to change gears a bit and go a little (maybe a LOT) more on the Industrial Chic side. That's another post for another day but, will be soon. There's SO much to tell you and I'm hoping to have it launched before March 1st but, if not before April 1st at the latest. Thanks for dropping in and please leave a comment or ask questions if you would like.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Waterfall Chests

This little beauty was really just plain Jane as far as I'm concerned. I picked it up at a garage sale earlier this Fall. I gave her a quick coat of ASCP in Provence and she's ready for a "Shabby" home!

 When it comes to the waterfall style, I really have to have just the right piece before I'll tackle it. Most are very geometric in detail and I prefer pieces with a softer more elegant style. This is a piece I did in "Eulalie's Sky" from She has recently come out with a new color line called European colors. I'm happy to say I was one of the first in the country to have them in my possession and you'll definitely be seeing what I've been up to with them VERY shortly!

A few before shots to show you the detail on the piece and why I chose it.When you paint a piece it's all about the detail. Otherwise it speaks for itself in it's original state

It was missing hardware and chipped veneer so this was a perfect candidate for paint. Although I don't have any problem painting a piece that is in perfect condition if I think it will be a better choice for my customers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Camper Makeover

I wanted to share with you this incredible camper makeover that I found over on One of her customers had always wanted to redo an old camper and BOY did she! Her name is Loretta and she used a beautiful color combination of cream and beige. Here's what it looks like from the outside.
As you can see, right away the colors are amazing!

She has painted the inside, added lace curtains and beautiful bedding. Would you just look at those pillows, the wreath and chandelier crystals!

 This is a little bar or breakfast area she created. A beautiful frame was turned into a chalkboard and hanging near is a little mirror and wreath.

And last but not least look at the custom chandelier she made for the ceiling. Perfect! One of these days I'll get around to doing something like this myself and if it's only half as cute as this is, I'll be tickled pink!