Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Coastal Cottage Waterfall

I've been looking for this Waterfall chest of drawers for about a year. Why this one in particular? I had another Waterfall very similar to this one last summer. Not only did it sell in 5 days over the phone but, I've had numerous requests to reproduce this. Most Waterfalls are very geometric in style and don't have as much detail as the earlier pieces so, there's not that many out there. I located this on Craigslist and as usual for a Waterfall the veneer was in horrible condition! One side came off completely with one good tug! Lol! There was a little more scraping on the rest but, as veneer goes (usually a job for sure) it only took about an hour to get the rest off. I chose to repair the veneer on the drawers because it wasn't that hard and I loved the angles and thought the wood grain would show through nicely underneath the MMS Milk Paint I had planned in eulalie's sky. So here's what it looked like when it was delivered (yep I said I had a Craigslist delivery and that's another story and post!) and the veneer looks in tact huh?

Never judge a book by it's cover. Literally here, that's all you can see. But, what I COULD see regardless of the veneer is the detail across the middle with the serpentine drawer and fluted fan above it. Not to mention those gorgeous chunky feet adorned with the same fluting and fans. This is what makes a piece fabulous when painted. It brings to life all the detail. In fact this one almost got away and I was offered another. As you can see it's just plain in comparison to the one I purchased. There is a small band across the middle but, all geometric and really nothing else.

I chose to replace the hardware because it seemed plain in comparison to how I wanted the piece to present. I also decided to do the drawers in Linen MMS Milk paint so it wasn't identical to the one from last summer (I actually ran out of eulalie's sky lol!)

See how much prettier this hardware is? I think it changed the whole piece. I only slightly distressed it because I didn't want it to take a way from the detail. I do think a bit more wouldn't have hurt anything but, for now I'm happy with the results!

See how you notice the detail on the feet so much more? I actually didn't even notice the little scallop across the bottom myself until it was painted. 


See the variation in color as I got to the bottom of the jar? That's one of the reasons I love Milk paint, you never know what it's gong to do with each piece. A happy accident in a way. I hope you enjoyed seeing how this Waterfall came to life.

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