Friday, August 14, 2015

In the Quiet Zone!

This is that time of year when you will hardly hear from me.  Twice annually Junque Chic sets up at the Springfield Extravaganza and to say preparation for it is nothing short of choreographing a Super Bowl half time show is an under statement. Every Show I learn a little more and want to do a little more than the one before. There are those that just kinda of "wing" it and at the last minute just throw everything on the truck and go and that really seems to work for them, In fact it seems that those that do, on average have better sales from what I've seen. For myself, I have to plan. From plants, to handmade items to fabulous pieces. I just have to plan.

     There are even "builds" especially for the show that will not be for sale so, that I can display what I'm selling. I will tell you this though, "Smalls" pay the bills! To begin with, you can paint a piece or even just find that fabulous piece you'll bring all day long and you'll do fairly well with that. It's the booths that showcase your style that draws them in and makes them want to linger. Some of you say "I really don't have a style?". Sure you do. Think about how you choose what you re-sale. That's your style. What YOU choose is not what someone else will choose. So don't be afraid or intimidated about that. On the other hand don't sell yourself short by having a Ho Hum booth either.

Make sure you have at least one signature item that is exclusive to you. A few of Junque Chic's "signature" items are my handmade pumpkins, wings and hearts. I love making them! 

I even tried a little "boho chic" style a few years back! In fact it took a while for them to sell but, looking at them now makes me think they would probably go pretty fast now. Sometimes you're a little ahead of schedule with your ideas and after a little time passes, they're right on!

 And although it's primarily my chenille pumpkins that I make, I do like to add a little variety to the mix. I also do a few in ticking, which is SO Farmhouse right now so, I'll make sure to include some of them as well.
Make sure that your tags stand out too. I can never really decide which ones I want so mine tend to be a variety of sorts. Kind of like how I dress and eat. Whatever seems to suit me that day and that day alone. I may even eat, dress and "tag" the same for a few days straight but, I'll always change it up a bit. Also when you're setting up think about how you would want the area to look in a picture. What if you were setting it up for a Photographer for a photo shoot? How would you do it? That's how your little "vignettes" should look in your booth AND shop. You won't be disappointed I promise!

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