Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finding wood floors after a Decade!

Although we've lived in our house for a little over a decade and it's over 100 years old, for some reason we never checked underneath our carpet on the second floor? WHAT you say? I agree! Lol! We had checked 3 rooms on the first floor and found that there were hardwoods but, previous owners had lain industrial tile over them and they're probably glued down with that insane heavy black glue that would be a nightmare to get off. After thinking to myself "wonder what's upstairs?" we finally looked and ooh lala was I thrilled to find beautiful hardwoods throughout. So, we started on our room first and slowly we'll tackle the rest. This is my awesome husband Guy carefully cutting a threshold at our doorway!
As you can see, there is lovely cream and oatmeal carpet in pretty decent shape. It's all over the house minus the kitchen and baths so, it wasn't a hard decision to keep when we moved in.since most of my French Style decor is creams and whites anyway.
 Usually you'll find that orangey color of stain in a house this age so finding this rich dark color underneath was a REAL bonus! Over the next few months I'm selling most of the pieces you see here and switching them out for more of a "Farmhouse" or "Fixer Upper" style. In fact here's a piece we just got that's an old warehouse cabinet I'll be modifying to a double armoire for hubby and I asap!

I think a bit of sanding and some chippy white milk paint and it will be gorgeous as well as functional!                                                                                                                                  

Thanks for stopping in and make sure to check back to see what else we've added for our Farmhouse Style!                                                                                                                                                       

Saturday, June 11, 2016

My 100 year old Victorian Home

  It has always been a dream of mine to live in a really old house with lots of character. A decade ago that dream became a reality when we were able to purchase our 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home in the Huffman Historic District in Dayton, Ohio.

My home was built in 1903 but, my records show my barn was built in 1899.
This generally stays packed with furniture and has only once been used over the winter to house a vehicle. Now that I have a pretty good size studio plans are to get it restored to it's intended use Lol!

.We salvaged this wrought iron fence from a burned down house around the corner when I talked the bulldozer operator (slipped him a $20) into letting me get it. 

We chose the colors from a Historic chart and had to have it approved and although I loved it then, I'm ready for a change. I like the sage/grey of the body but, not as fond of the red anymore :)

We love the house and have loved living here but, long for the country where we both grew up. That will be a few more years down the road yet but, is coming!

Most of the houses are in great shape or are being worked on. You never really stop working on a Victorian home. There's always something needing updated :)

 I hope you enjoyed a look at my Victorian Home

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Springfield Extravaganza May 2016

May 2016 Springfield Extravaganza

                                                            Here's what we start with. 

We (being super cute hubby and I!) pack it to the gills. Drive 30 min and unload like crazy, then the staging begins. This show I had the help of a new friend and super packer woman Lori Palumbo. Who in the end, I'm not sure I could have done without. Not to mention, her husband came out at the last second to help unload (Thank you Jeff!) after we arrived late and no porters were available. 

              Of course what staging is complete without plenty of dressforms and vintage clothing?

One of my favorite vintage night gowns, (not for sale) not easily found and just right for the "look"!

A cute little repurposed cupboard that I built, my sis Jen painted (for the last show) and hubby re-painted for this show. Didn't sell but, might go home with me for a cupboard in the kitchen. 

 Dried Hydrangeas form my own bush and lightly sprayed with a matte paint to tint this beautiful blue. Sold LOTS of them!
A French Provencal that will probably be the last of 2 I'll ever have. . I'm in the process of switching over to ALL Farmhouse and want only simply well made antiques or hand built pieces from salvage. 

 Farmhouse Windsors I picked up at the last minute. Only 2 but, will be great "header" chairs for someone!
More Hydrangeas! I know, I know...they're just so pretty! I'll have a blush or lavender sprayed bundles in the fall
Yep, that's me. Can you believe it was so chilly that I needed a long sweater? Wasn't super crazy about the lime green "pop up" either but, will have to suffice until I can get the white one with the sides I want. It will look much better as a back drop and will protect my pieces as well. 

You can't beat an old ladder for hanging handmade items on for a show. Plus, they're just plain cool! I hope you enjoyed this little post? Please leave a comment if you like. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Like French Country? Then you'll LOVE this Ornate Detailed Dresser!

I found this piece a few months ago at a tiny little thrift store in a little bitty neighborhood by my house. Unlikely find at this shop. Not much room there.  Usually clothing and kitchen items are all I can find. It was actually laying on it's back on a 4-wheel cart on the sidewalk when I drove by but, "something" made me look. At first I thought it was in mint condition but, at closer inspection found that the braided moulding going across the top was broken and missing. It also had a little piece on the left and right that turned up almost like a sleigh bed and one of those were missing completely.


As you can see from the photo, I had a bit of braided moulding in my stash of stashes but, it was new. A good thing I had it but, no way to match it up just right, not to mention the bare spots where I removed the upturned sides.  You can just see a little to the R. on the top edge there.
I replaced what I could and although it wouldn't be an exact match (the braiding I had was angled different) I knew that between the added moulding and paint job it would work!

I first painted it out in Old White ASCP, gently distressed it and clear wax. Then I waited 2 or 3 weeks before I did the next steps because I knew it needed more but, just couldn't decide WHAT? So, I checked back through my Pinterest pages of gorgeous French Pieces and decided on mixing up a goodly amount of black glaze and tackled it. A word of advice when working with glazes, whatever technique you decide on, make sure you allow enough time to do the entire piece. I've found that coming back later seems to result in a slightly different application and can effect your final result.This is how it turned out!

I hope you enjoyed this little post. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them :) I love feedback! Without it, you'll never know what you can do better or how you can help.

Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Amazing Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

I've always loved the idea of turning an old table or dresser into a vanity. I've seen lots of them all over the internet.  Not that so many of you haven't done a fabulous job, because undoubtedly I have seen some gorgeous makeovers! Today I wanted to show you what "I" think is a great Farmhouse Bathroom. Of course it has to be "Chippy" and certainly original paint is the best! So, if I ever DO get to have that piece of land out in the country when hubby and I retire... here are 5 of the most amazing Farmhouse Vanities I have seen so far.
This Edwardian Buffet is great in size, detail and height. The color is just right for this piece and the fact that it will hold 2 sinks instead of 1 is even better! I love, the soft grey beadboard behind it and the carrara marble tile does nothing but, polish off the whole setting. Perfect "French Country" Farmhouse in my book!

This would be perfect in a small space. I can see this anywhere from a lavatory to a public ladies room in a shop to a small closet space in a bed and breakfast. This of course would mean I would need 2 Farmhouse vanities and I definitely wouldn't be hating that! Lol!

photo via-Pinterest

This sunshine or mustard yellow can easily be achieved using my VERY favorite milk paint Miss Mustardseed's Milk Paint in her all famous "Mustard Seed Yellow"! I love that the top was refinished and the sink is offset with that lovely rubbed bronze faucet. Notice the shelf on the bottom (great idea for storing towels) was refinished as well to match the top. Great job!

photo credit-home feature for the June issue of Country Living Magazine. The Ojai, California home of Greg and Kelley Motschenbacher, styled by Heather Bullard photos by Victoria Pearson

This is just fabulous! Does that Gal have a pair of legs or what? The "Chippy" original paint, the added fruit basket for towels, the chippy paint on the door and the raw barn wood on the medicine cabinet are all great finds placed together for one fabulous look! Not too many accessories and just a touch of lavender in the flower arrangement and the towels/scarves are just the right touch here. I have to mention the antique bankers chair as speaks for itself!

As I do usually save the best for last, this is MY favorite out of the five! I would normally use all white shades in any home I have but, this green is so subtle and so perfectly "Chippy" I would probably hurt somebody to get to this! Lol! The legs are exactly what I think of when I picture a great Farmhouse table. In fact I look for legs like this to build Farmhouse Dining Tables everywhere I go. They're extremely hard to find and an absolute must if you want that "Farmhouse" look! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and Thank you for stopping by Junque Chic!