Saturday, May 28, 2016

Springfield Extravaganza May 2016

May 2016 Springfield Extravaganza

                                                            Here's what we start with. 

We (being super cute hubby and I!) pack it to the gills. Drive 30 min and unload like crazy, then the staging begins. This show I had the help of a new friend and super packer woman Lori Palumbo. Who in the end, I'm not sure I could have done without. Not to mention, her husband came out at the last second to help unload (Thank you Jeff!) after we arrived late and no porters were available. 

              Of course what staging is complete without plenty of dressforms and vintage clothing?

One of my favorite vintage night gowns, (not for sale) not easily found and just right for the "look"!

A cute little repurposed cupboard that I built, my sis Jen painted (for the last show) and hubby re-painted for this show. Didn't sell but, might go home with me for a cupboard in the kitchen. 

 Dried Hydrangeas form my own bush and lightly sprayed with a matte paint to tint this beautiful blue. Sold LOTS of them!
A French Provencal that will probably be the last of 2 I'll ever have. . I'm in the process of switching over to ALL Farmhouse and want only simply well made antiques or hand built pieces from salvage. 

 Farmhouse Windsors I picked up at the last minute. Only 2 but, will be great "header" chairs for someone!
More Hydrangeas! I know, I know...they're just so pretty! I'll have a blush or lavender sprayed bundles in the fall
Yep, that's me. Can you believe it was so chilly that I needed a long sweater? Wasn't super crazy about the lime green "pop up" either but, will have to suffice until I can get the white one with the sides I want. It will look much better as a back drop and will protect my pieces as well. 

You can't beat an old ladder for hanging handmade items on for a show. Plus, they're just plain cool! I hope you enjoyed this little post? Please leave a comment if you like.