Sunday, June 24, 2018

Please overlook the yucky "beige" on the walls from 12 yrs ago! I was a bit of "Shabby Chic" nut for 20 plus years. That was until I saw a few episodes of Miss Joanna Gaines HGTV's  Fixer Upper and Omg! I want it everywhere!!! Of course with my own spin of grey and soft blue accents but, mostly black and white with wood. Yummo! Lol!

 Reading in bed one night,  I all of a sudden jump up and declare "Honey! that's a brick chimney under that plaster, isn't it?" Although he'd usually only see this as more work for his-self, I actually got a Omg! I think that's brilliant kinda, light bulb went off look! Lol! Whew! 
Immediately the next day I did a tester spot and the rest although a huge mess is history!

I'm completely in love with this look and couldn't happier with where this is going! The shiplap can't go up fast enough and I'm now scrambling for curtains, bedding and what furniture I already have can be painted to go in here? I did get a jump start and found this beautiful rug already! I'll share a little bit more about this in another post but, always keep your eyes out for local online sales! They're a Godsend right now for sure!

We've only finished the main wall (that our headboard goes on) and the left side of the chimney but, I did get the rest of the shiplap cut yesterday and hopefully will get a coat of varnish on them today.

It's cheapo $14 a sheet underlayment (  that's been cut into 7 7/8" strips so the tannin's in the wood bleed right through when you paint it. excellent trade secret if you ever have that problem when trying to paint wood. Not a fan of pink tones coming through or coat after coat of paint:(

 I did manage to get a quick coat of white chalk paint on my favorite antique chest (below) and hubby already had a cute little "Eastlake" style chest (above) on his side in a light grey. 

The shiplap is sooo much better than the 1940's heavily textured plaster walls. Not to mention it hides a multitude of sins!

I hope you'll enjoy following along the many aspects to this room with me as we go. Anything from furniture, upholstery, pillows and bedding, painting, woodwork, mortar, and of course what started it all....restoring the floors. The wide planks are only the best case scenario you'd hope to find in a dream house. We hope we can find the same in our next retirement home :)